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Saturday, September 11, 2010

When it rains- it should not pour, dammit!

hello and yeaaay if you're still here-ya know, bc ya know i haven't been -in a while.

it's partly bc i've been trying to clean out from under our apartment-which now resembles the original set of "Sanford and Son"... i know this bc that's the kind of crap you have to choose from on tv at 3 am-it's actually a network battle between P90X, the "Slap-Chop", the Dead- i mean Golden Girls, and Sanford and Son. ok maybe a few stray episodes of Texas Walker Ranger (though i have never watched this show) thrown in for good measure.

with that said, i think i'd have to choose Sanford and Son with the Slap-Chop coming in a not so close second.. i'd choose that because watching Sanford and Son somehow makes me feel better about the state and orderliness of my own house. no, really.

it seems like no matter how many toys or baby contraptions i manage to rid, more keep coming. i'm trying to convince DC that Shane no longer needs his jumparoo-largely bc he's starting to look like king kong in it and bc i feel like i trip over some random piece of unruly plastic thingy ma-jig that hangs off it like an obnoxious plastic willow tree. well, i get it. DC can eat dinner if king kong is in his cell. even so, one must still eat all meals with break neck speed if you want to eat at all with a baby around. shane would be grabbing at the plate (but still refusing to eat any of it)... merely to smash it around and somehow "conquer" it..oh that's my son, he's a ruffian i tell you.

these tiny little feet have turned into....

this is more like him now.. climbing, bossing, conquering everything.. but he is sweet like king kong as well.. isn't king kong sweet in the end?

who knew king kong's personality secretly lived behind this face?

even though my son is heavy-handed, determined and out to break, take apart, rip up and eat everything in sight..he is a sweet, affectionate, loving, huggy & kissy giving boy!

he is walking and running ll over the house- he started doing that at 9.5 months (proud parent) and hasn't looked back since.

however, his reflux is no better and neither is our social life, sleep, etc... in fact, it's actually worse. so even though it's 8:00 am right now, i actually started this post at 2:30 am, took about 5 breaks in between then and now to walk shane around with reflux episodes. it's a crazy situation.. i don't sleep when i take over from dc..because he wakes up so many times that it's actually just more torture when you're woken up from a nice sleep to carry around a 28 lb rattlesnake who doesn't want to be put down or held at the same time.. really, it's like that. i'm not even going to give you the details about these reflux episodes bc for one, it's boring reading and for another-you wouldn't believe me if i told you. most people we have told haven' get tired of people belittling it, so you just keep it to yourself. i guess if you don't see it and live it everyday, it's easier to do that.

i keep waiting for something good to happen so i can come back from the dark side..and tell ya'll about it.. but so far, the best thing that's happened to me in months is that i got a dishwasher- and sadly, i was excited about this development. what's the problem? i mean, the only regret i have is that i didn't get it sooner bc washing 25 dr. browns bottles with all their 49 parts is like- not fun.

i had all this stuff to tell you guys about, like how i was eating chicken lo mein in the dark the other night (bc i was watching over the baby while he slept) and how it was like a whole new experience bc i couldn't see what i was eating and it was like a whole new kind of chicken lo mein experience.. guess you had to be there.. but at the time, i was thinking how i woud tell you about this in detail and it would actually be funny- but i don't have time bc i have to go put a dent in our laundry pile.. no, it really was going to be funny- i swear.

i will try to get back here more often..if my son would sleep, this blog could actually be good. that's my plan, anyway..

see ya'll next time..

do you think i could leave you without posting another cute baby picture?

my angel....

btw, this blog's clock is all off.. right now, i'm hitting post- it's 8:31 am.. it says it's 5:31 or something- but it's not.. have to fix that someday..after the laundry.