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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Blog Post a Day for 30 Days..

Hello Internet Friends,

I have been inspired and challenged by another internet friend to participate in this thing called a blog post a day for 30 days for the month of November. Plus, Gina says Yes! Do it! I think that's what she said.

Except- I'm 15 days late. HOWEVER! No fear! I can start today.. And I will blog each day til December 15th.

And then not again for 2 years. LOL.. Maybe it's bc no one pays me. YET.

What will I write about? I'm thinking it will be a mix of interesting topics such as things that happen in my awesome life, some stuff I cook, pictures and videos of my son, Shane...random topics of spectacular wit and candor! Splendid. What? You can't wait? I knew it.

So, I will try to bring the funny and less boring.

Are you with me? If you are- and even if you're really not- instead of buying me tons of Christmas gifts, you could like - show some support by commenting, answering some of my "get you to read my blog" questions and just your opinionated commentary. Afterall, I'm not talking to just anyone! I'm talking to YOU my internet friends.

And like, I'm still thinking of monetizing this bloggedity blog thing... so I need to see if anyone gives a crap about what I have to say. Even though I'm still trying to decide if I really even do..

This will be an even bigger challenge for the less than functional lately person such as me- bc if you look at my blog history- I haven't been able to post a blog every 30 days for years.. nevermind a blog a day in 30 days!

Some of this is because I'm tired of no adult conversation. So, this might make me feel like I'm talking to yay-  ADULTS! or whatever. We will see.

Ready, set.. GO!