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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Not Breaking Up With My Blog..

I'm here because I feel "weird" not coming here to post something.. after 30 days of our blog romance.. I feel like I am betraying a  I can't break up with my blog..


I also cannot be brilliant 365..  24/7.. at least not here.

I just wanted to stop in and say that I will be here.. I will be posting.

How can I not?

Because people won't stop wearing skinny jeans. And I need to follow the latest Snuggie trend..

And? I am a loudmouth.. who has the urge to say stuff.. to tell you things.. And? I'm using you for free therapy until I can find a qualified babysitter so I can actually leave this house.

Just kidding.

But- not really.

Good night Internets.