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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Buying Accessories is the Answer to Having a Fat Day

Today I went into a thrift store near my gym which closed too early on me.

This thrift store? Is new.

It's a new store-that carries.. old clothes.

Nothing wrong with that and all- just- I wish it didn't smell like a dirty laundry quarry.

Have you ever noticed how the jeans in thrift shops are never washed? And they stink! Who does this- brings stinky worn jeans into thrift shops to consign?

Apparently, most people do.

Shame on you. 

However, no worries, I'm too fat still to try on jeans.. Because THAT my friends?  Is a motivation killer.

No thank you.

So what did I do? Looked at the accessories. Accessories are always an option.. They are never tight and don't make you look fat.

Accessories are every ones friend.

I bought a pink handbag that is super cute and was a fraction of the cost of the designer price.

I will never knock a thrift shops hustle. In my opinion, there is no handbag worth more than $100 or no pair of jeans worth more than $50.. And I don't even pay that.

If you do, I feel kind of sorry for you. Because you're probably wearing the same two pairs all year.

And if I am talking to you?  Please, pleeease don't  f***ing forget to WASH THEM.