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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Robbing a Bank is Totally Okay- If It's for a Good Cause

Yesterday, while at the gym.. while in the midst of addressing Operation 150 lbs- I was texting with my friend, Gina.

Just because there aren't words to describe the FUNNY that our conversations are.. I will just post the texts here for you to see for yourself. IDK.. maybe you had to be there??


Me: ok, I'm at the gym.

Me: Now, say something to make me go inside.

Me: I am so hungry. This is going to be painful.

Me: Might have to heal my wounds w burger king afterwards  and mop up my ugly cried tears with their napkins

Gina: Lol if you must

Me: Just started cardio.. 30  to go

Me: There's this cycling class going on near me- the instructor is shouting like a military officer

Me: And she's singing the words to the songs

Me: Loud!

Me: In between commands

Me: Why does this always happen to me? Annoying

Gina: Ha!! Out Loud!! Omg

Me: yessss

Me: Thankfully, I have my MOSE to block it all out.. (Mose= cheap giant imitation Bose headphones purchased at Five Below store- renamed by Gina)..

Gina: What song?

Me: IDK Something I have never heard before

Gina: Omg why you?

Me: She's singing "let's see how far you can go!"  Sounds like a giant idiot

Me: I heard her from the locker room and i said oh god, noooooooo

Me: And some lady heard me and started LOL.. guess she agreed

Me: I can't believe I'm here.. how did I get here again?

Me: Bc I'm fat?

Me: And Operation 150 became Operation Damage Control?

Me: Til 2015?

Me: Is it a problem that I can feel my stomach touching other parts of me while biking?

Me: How can I turn this into fuck this shit- Operation Tummy Tuck?

Me: Cause If I have to rob a bank- I'm ok with that

Me: No one will recognize me since I never go out and I'm fat now

Me: Just saying

Me: 17 mins down

Me: This must go on my blog

Me: Now I'm angry, fat, hungry annnd sweaty

Me: Part of my Awesome Life

Gina: You should sing

Me: I would but--

Me: It would torture me too.

Me: My singing? Makes my crying look beautiful

Me: worst singer ever

Me: No lie

Me: Hurts me

Me: Even DC is like OMG please- don't sing


Me: So I eat instead

Gina: "Let's hear it for the boys!!"

Me: I'm a very skilled eater

Me: 25 mins down

Gina: Living on a prayer!!

Gina: Pump pump the jam!

Me: OMG No.

Me: Wannted.. Dead or Aliiivve..

Me: 27 Down

Me: 1 minute to go

Gina: you did it!

Me: Done

Me: OMG- I can't believe I did it

Gina: Take my hand, and you'll make it I swear !!!


Uhm... was this a one-sided conversation?

Damn Gina, you talk too much!