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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heyyy, want to see a cute baby picture? Or 10?

hello again internet friends..

i've been trying to get back here to post something but admittedly, it's very hard because... SHANE!

speaking of such- can i interest you in some more cute baby pictures?

"i will dee-stwoy your house.. and your bank account and you social life and your carpets and your...     muuhwaa waa wahh!"

DAMAGE CONTROL... ya know people?

"just wait til i can walk.. i haz big plans for dis place!"

omg..speaking of walking? my son started crawling a few days ago.. initially, we thought this was wonderful and cute and..  all that crap. yeah. well i quickly realized how much havoc this wreaks on your know- because i don't have nearly enough of that already and i was hoping he'd start trying to stand up and then walk shortly thereafter just to ensure i'd have something to do with all of my free time..

well whuddaya know? he is now pulling himself up on every single piece of damn furniture, human legs, you name it-- and trying to take steps.. yeah. because that's how my son rolls ya'll. he thinks he can walk now-like it's nobodies business.. except for one very important thing: he really can't. so this gives my carefree days of boredom and endless spare time something to focus on- being a human piece of landing gear! who ever would have thought?

"as soon as i stand up, i'm going to put my fingers in that box fan and then snack on some electrical cords..MMmmmm, tasty!"

"let GO of me daddy, you're not the boss of me! now where did i leave my cholly brown doll?"

so yeah- this is what i'm dealing with now. i'm not going to be one of those parents who brags about "how advanced my kid is" because, well- he does it for me. and i'm not really happy that i'm his human landing gear on standby 24/7 now because honestly- i realize now how much easier it was when he was more of a cute blob that would sit on the floor pretty much in one spot if i belted out the itsy bitsy spider in a very desperate with nascar like speed attempt to wash his annoying dr. brown's bottles. all 25 of them.

while we are on the subject of the itsy bitsy spider- i would like to announce that i have had the "yo gabba gabba" theme song in my head for the last three days. for those of you who don't know what yo gabba gabba is- it's a ridiculous, LSD like version of barney with a hint of sesame street in a 70's type setting. does that make sense? ok, no, i know it doesn't- but that's really what it's like. these are the yo gabba gabba characters that shane LOVES and DC and i HATE:

"we will brainwash your child with songs so you will have to buy our merchandise..  muu-wahh-wahh-wahh!"