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Sunday, December 2, 2012

"A" for Effort.

I have a situation right now.

It involves the fact that I am trying to post to my blog a half pre-written entry and finish the rest while I'm here..


(Yeah with the BUT!! -again)

My lap top power cord is in the other room where my son is sleeping.. and I'm kind of not supposed to be blogging right now, because I'm supposed to be sleeping.. (a whole other story).. quite possibly a future entry..

SOooo, my BFF, Gina said I am allowed to tell you all that I cannot complete my blog tonight and MAYYYBEEE I will blog two entries tomorrow.


Damn, the pressure.

I am technically still in this game.. I am not a quitter folks..

I will make this shit up to you.

This entry is proof that I am trying.

I promise- I am.

I will make it to December 15th - and beyond.. because of you, Professor Treadwell.

Thanks, you douche.