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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's been a long year....

hello internet friends..

i'm going to post one of those proud, annoying parent posts where i tell you all about how wonderful, advanced, perfect, handsome, gifted, etc my son is..

yeah, that.

you want to know all about this stuff, don't you?

too bad, you're gonna!

hahahaa.. i'll try to keep it brief, but it's hard bc my son is like, going to be an astronaut, come up with the cure for cancer, get 25 scholarships to top colleges, have hundreds of women chasing him around, be a member of MENSA,  win an olympic gold medal, buy me a house in the hamptons- nahh- san diego..and well, probably still have reflux. Sadly, the latter is the part i'm most sure about..

shane will be one year old next week! it feels like 10 yrs have passed since he was born.. most ppl say the time goes by so fast but since we are in reflux hell, it feels more like we've been in guantanomo bay.. just sayin.

shane loves:

homemade steamed chinese dumplings
bread and butter
orange juice
dark meat chicken
the wonder pets
yo gabba gabba
his daddy
to get into the refrigerator
to open and close drawers, boxes, anything!
stroller walks
cell phones
remote controls
charlie brown doll
to give hugs and kisses
to cuddle
to play with your ears
to smash the computer keyboard with his hands
to crawl into tight spaces
MOOSE from Nick Jr.
the air conditioner vents
buttons, levers and tags
the recycling pile
little bill

shane dislikes:

getting his diaper changed
wearing socks
pureed foods
baby gates
getting clothes pulled over his head
when strangers come to close (pay attention to me but keep your distance!)
his crib
taking his medicine
hard textured foods
getting his nails filed
being cooped up inside when there's bad weather
max and ruby

mama likes:

Nick Jr.
fresh baby smell after his bath
playing huggie kissy good morning
On-Demand Cable for kids
having a handsome son

and now for another cute baybee picture!

or two..