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Friday, December 14, 2012

Believing in Santa Claus is Awesome

Dear Internet Friends,

I am going out for dinner tonight.. to Wasabi in Somerville, NJ. It's a Japanese sushi-steakhouse type of place.

I'm not a sushi person.. I could care less about cold rolls of fish/vegetables with seaweed and.. whatever else.

I like my food hot, spicy.. and for the most part- cooked..

Gina (who at this point needs no introduction) is the sushi lover here. I'm going for the Miso Nabe Yaki Udon Noodle Soup- which has all types of greatness inside: shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, fishcakes, egg, fresh herbs, vegetables and thick yummy Japanese udon noodles! (Pictures to follow soon after)..

I say all that to say-- I have to get a post up here before I get home too late and too tipsy to do it!

I was looking through some old pictures yesterday.. I came across these gems.

These are some old pictures from the holidays when I was a kid.

They bring back good memories. I hold these sacred because sometimes? It feels like they were too few and far between.

Just wanted to share.

**I apologize to my Internet friends who don't know me "personally"- because  you probably won't give a crap about seeing these.

Just bear with us, ok?


Btw- do you want to see what Gina looks like? Of course you do!

She's hot- so we have been told.

FYI: All inquires can be answered via email..  Privately.   LOL..

This is Gina. AKA: Geda.
Loyal Blog Reader and Regularly Featured
Ok, now on to the oldies..
This is me, Duke and Debbie at the Livingston Mall in NJ- about 1981?
Me and my sister Debbie by the tree.
Uhmm, think that dress was a bit too small, Mom..
This is me- asking Santa Claus (My Uncle Stan?) for toys that.. I already got?
That is my uncle Lyndon in the far right corner..
This is my sister Debbie on the far left and me on the far right.
In the center is my mom's sister and my cousin Lisa in her lap.
This is me on the left and Debbie on the right.. On Uncle Stan's lap.
Look at my awesome shoes.  Uhhmm..
Fast forward to 2012.. Shane.. obsessed with the lights..
I know I have more around here somewhere.. I just couldn't find them..
I pre-wrote most of this before I left but didn't get it uploaded in time. I'm just now getting home and getting this up.
Miso Nabe Yake Udon Noodles? Awesome.
Mussells and Clams in spicy broth? Not so much.
Ok.. have to get in bed.. eyes closing..
Thanks for visiting.. see you tomorrow!