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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is this still my blog?

i haven't been here since october-of last year. and that's bc blogging is hard. my child is active. i'm still sleeping in shifts with my husband. im ****ing tired. ALWAYS. and for a long time, i have had no good news.. i'm hoping for some to share soon, but since this blog isnt exactly active and all updated and stuff- i will be sure to post any that comes our way.

however, i do always have the most amazing and cutest baby pictures to share, so- there's that.

and well.. i wouldn't dare leave you hanging on that thought...

this is my baby, at 20 months. so cute. of course... i still put onesies on him bc i know he will be my last and i'm hanging on. BUT-they still fit. the 24 month ones.  If i don't put them in the dryer and if i stretch them out when wet. lol.. DC says it fits like a leotard..but i digress...

my son learning to use his big boy spoon!

then he decided to give his girl, foofa a bite..

here's my boys again..father son time, watching tv.

here's the boss on top of the kitchen table. he looks better up there than the pile of bills he just threw off..

got on his "Bob Hope Classics"...

in other news, my brother just moved to california. i'm jealous. i'm making my plans though.. gonna get there sooner or later. it's just hard right now bc of jobs. but i will not give up.. we willget there. in time for the next natural disaster, probably. bc that's how i roll people!

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Anonymous said...

You are right! He's beautiful and handsome and brilliant and so is his mom. And his dad. So don't move to Cali, okay? Your dad keeps me up to date on you, and we miss seeing you. When are we invited? Kiss Shane for me and give DC a hug. xxoo, Melanie