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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Long car rides are not for sissys!

"Look Ma, no hands!"
We made it back from VA. Barely.

Here is a picture of Shaney with his Granny Corley.

Question: When a child is able to hold a bottle in his mouth with his TEETH- are they too old for a bottle? Uh huh. Try telling HIM that! This is a whole other subject for us. We are working on it- but.. I digress.

Because we are alive, our trip is  considered a success. An experience in the back seat of the car with an almost 3 yr old for about 8 hours can be summed up by a few words: caged animal, stupid idea, hell, OMFG ARE WE THERE YET!?,.. claustrophobia anyone?

We stayed in a nice little hotel that had a shopping center nearby so I was free to run back and forth to the Dollar General type store in an attempt to find objects/toys to entertain Shane for another 15 minutes. Also,there was a big grocery store there they call Food Lion that HELLO? SELLS ALCOHOL. Genius. Love you Food Lion! See you again soon! I know here in NJ, most supermarkets do not sell alcohol bc you have to have some designer priced liquor license (shocking!) and there has been some kind of legislation recently to try to get this allowed but all the greedy liquor store owners here don't want that bc then- yay! cheap wine and beer for all! So, that was one small highlight of the trip. Love convenience. xo

We didn't do much other than try to take Shane to a BBQ at my sister Debbie's house. That didn't work out so well. Shane was a lil too excited and we had to leave. We took him to his great-grannies house too- where he proceeded to destroy all her red geraniums pulling the red tops off one by one. My grandmother kept saying, "oh, that's alrighhht" but inside, I know she was having a goddamned heart attack. We left there too after all the geraniums were gone. Since we got home, if Shane sees any type of red flower, he makes it his personal mission to go and behead them at ONCE. I have had to endure many a detour on outings in his jogger since this..

My sister in-law, Cristina was very gracious and understanding too. She disassembled 1,495 knick knacks, tchotckies and glass figurines my mom had in her house just so that Shane could come over and run free. That made me so happy. We were able to relax there a little more. My mom came to the hotel also and spent time with Shane there since he's better in his own environment. That and the help of DVD's of Yo Gabba Gabba, Baby Einsein and Wonderpets are my only saving graces in life right now.

I will post some recent pictures.. bc everyone loves cute baby pictures. And yes, I still call him a baby. I'm allowed to bc he still doesn't f*cking sleep through the night..

Shane loves red things. He loves to carry them. All day...

"I think this sticker would look better... HERE!"
"So glad to be back home.. in my parents prison chair.."
This is a picture from earlier this year, at Aunt Amber's house..
"Ma, can we get a yard like this?"  Yes, son. As soon as you pay off mommy and daddys student loans with your first big modeling contract...
"Ma, take me past the geraniums.. pleeeeeease..?"
"I guess I'll just have to play with these stupid rocks then.."
"Maybe when she's not looking, I'll make a run for some geraniums.."
Everyone eats chicken in bed, what's the problem?
And takes baths in a giant plastic tub. In their living room. Nothing to see people. Move along..
Guess who??
Time to get back to work now... Thanks to everyone in my family for having us, putting up the yellow caution tape for us, cooking and giving up the geraniums. Also, thank you to Food Lion, for selling alcohol. Couldn't have done it without any of you! You are loved.


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