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Friday, November 16, 2012

This One Time.. at Band Camp..

I still have a Blackberry.

I know. I knowww..

BUT! It's a newer BB. Does that make it less.. archaic?

I guess I am sort of an old piece torn from the Crackberry cloth.. That cloth has been worn thin fast and furiously in the last couple of months. People look at me like it's a VCR.


Why!? People ask. I don't know- exactly. I guess bc I'm used to it, I know it inside and out. I love having a tangible keyboard. I'm part of a dying breed? Because I belong somewhere?

With that said- I like to believe I am technologically savvy.. So this doesn't explain why I haven't gone to the Iphone... I also still haven't gotten "Easy Pass" .. But I digress.

I was at work the other day and I asked someone to borrow a charger for my Blackberry. Three people looked at me and simultaneously said "You STILL have a Blackberry!?"

Public scorn!

So I am now breaking up with my BB. I'm gonna cross over into the land of the cool people. Like in high school, all over again. People with Blackberries go to band camp- so I'm told. *

So tell me people. When did you ditch your BB? (If you ever had one). Do you have an Iphone? What kind of phone should I get and why? Do you want to help me pay for it?


*Btw, I went to band camp in 1989. There were no Blackberries then. However! There were VCR's.. And band camp? Omg, it's JUST like it is in American Pie. I cringed when I first saw that movie because I am living proof that it must be based on a true story..

How did I get a picture of my Blackberry when my camera is IN my Blackberry? Oh- simple. I took it with the newest VCR model that I have.. which also comes with a camera! HAH!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the cool people world!!

Cool Iphone car charger from 5 and below that glows in your CAR! Cannot beat that!

Just sayin...