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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Name May Have Been Miranda In Another Life

I should probably be riding my exercise bike while typing this right now.

Because dinner?

Chicken Lo Mein !
I haven't had lo mein in over a month.
That in itself is victory and tragedy- at war.
Notice the picture is a bit blurry on the edges. LOLZ. This is from my greasy fingers that somehow got on the lens of the camera.. Was rushing here- I'm sure you understand.
Earlier, I sat here pondering what I would order and of course ended up with-- THE SAME THING.
All too often, I have felt JUST LIKE THIS:
It has actually HAPPENED TO ME. I'm not lying. Sometimes I make DC call the food in now. Oh, the shaming of my social life.
But- the video? I'm seriously starting to see the resemblance here. It scares me yet - makes me feel somewhat not alone at the same time.
Love me some Miranda.
Later, I opened my fortune cookie to find:
Really? Magnanimous? Me??
I wasn't so sure, so I went back to my BFF Google and found out that:

This is what I decided:
If Magnanimous is the first definition, it can't be me.
If it's really more like the second one- I'm totally down. Actually, I love the way it describes me. LOL! Who could have said that shit any better?
BTW- Wikitionary, I'm sure you're totally accredited, trustworthy and vetted. I love you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Greatness of mind! They should include a pic of you next to this word in this fake dictionary!