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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Okay, Now? My Blog Is Stalking Me.

I have 3 more posts to go to meet my 30 posts in 30 days challenge.

It has not been easy. Some nights, I'd rather have my face in a quart of chicken lo mein with 12 kids dvd's on heavy rotation than sit here trying to be brilliant for the masses. LOL. For Gina. I kind of feel like my blog is stalking me at this point.

What will happen after December 15th? Will you still come back and read? Are you lurkers ever gonna start making comments to let me know I need to keep coming back because you started looking forward to all the things I have to say?

On another note--

I am having a medical test tomorrow morning and so all day I have had do some fast that only allows me to eat plain chicken, eggs, white bread, white rice, potatoes, black coffee and water.

NOT allowed are dairy, vegetables, butter, seasonings, pasta, ALCOHOL...anything good.

I just ate my last meal which consisted of some eggs and a slice of bread with air spread on top.


Tomorrow this crap will be over with and I will march directly to the bagel shop and devour a bagel breakfast sandwich laden with hot sauce.. like putting salve on a wound..

Maybe this starvation I am experiencing has led my brain to dry up- hence, shitty blog post.

The fun police arrived and took my glory. Just for today. I swear tomorrow I'm gonna be back to my brilliant self.

And btw, did I tell you that the scale at the gym is broken? Yeah, it is because it says I weigh 150 lbs.. and like.. I just can't see how that happened.

I'm totally ok with it though because I do enjoy living in denial. It's what gets me from point A to point B most days. Denial can be your friend- if you let it.


I finally shaved my legs today so tomorrows weigh in will be like... 149!


See you tomorrow.. I hope.


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