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Monday, December 17, 2012

So, How Much Do Sumo Wrestlers Make Now?

My text conversation today at gym..

I feel the need to share this with you.


I think it might be funny.

Me: Specialness all around me here- once again

Me: Some Asian lady- omg annoying.. Doing some kind of free form body flailing exercises on a mat like 11 inches from me- I'm on a leg press machine

Me: WHY? Always

Me: I'm a reject attractor

Me: I cannot shake them

Gina: Why?

Gina: Enjoy the view

Me: Do you see why I need an iphone? Must capture this for proof and LOLS

Me: Proof that I work out because I'm so fat no one would believe it

Gina: Makes the time go by

Me: At this rate, I could switch careers and become a sumo wrestler

Me: I train all day with Shane

Me: How much do they make?

Me: Can I live 5 doors down from you in Robbinsville on a sumo wrestler's salary?

Me: These are questions I needs answers to

Me: Ohhh! Craptacular misfit aerobics class about to start!

Me: Land of the misfit toys..

Me: The only thing better than watching this is Zumba.. but it never starts until 7 pm and I'm already stuffing my face by then

Me: If they start playing Cher remixes, I get a pass to leave early

Me: Because my inner thighs will never look as bad as Cher sounds..

Me: Would you like to say something here?


Gina does talk.. I swear. Just not when I'm at the gym.. apparently.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But what does one SAY to that??? I mean clearly your friend is speechless! Or really busy cramming 53 chores into an hour while wrestling(see? Text reference) a 2 year old! Either way she rocks and I'm thinking you may be getting tickets to the next Cher tour... If she still tours...