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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cause and Effect.

Today has been long. I am behind. This is- for me- is a late post.

I don't have a brilliant piece for you today, Internets.

Because blogging is hard and being brilliant is also hard.

When I have the time to write, I truly enjoy it- and even when I don't-because I think I work/write best under pressure.

Sometimes, I think I was a writer/journalist in a past life. But here's the thing- are you ready for the thing?*

I actually don't believe in past lives because I am not religious.

In fact, I am an Atheist.

I live and die by logic. Science has enlightened me. I am happy for that. I don't live my life in fear of threats, fairy tales or myths. I believe wholeheartedly in cause and effect.

I believe this is it. One shot deal.

Truthfully, I think I wanted and maybe should have been a journalist/writer (and a lawyer!) in THIS life- the one and only.

I remember being turned off in college by a crappy professor who made me think it wasn't going to be fun or fulfilling. I wish I hadn't been influenced by him. If I could remember his name, I'd call him out right now. **

He was the worst of the worst. I got an F in that class. Not because I didn't have talent or don't know how to write, but because I now see that I cryptically defied him.. And he did not like me- or so it felt.

Live and learn.

I believe that the irony of being a writer lies within the fact that writers spend so much time alone-trying to connect with other people.  That's the part I love most.


You have to be willing to be vulnerable. To peel away layers of protective skin. If you are truly honest and forthcoming, people will then know things about you. It's true risk taking. Sometimes, I don't like that. Others- I'm all about transparency.

I'm a mom who also says f**k on the Internets. But I have to be able to say that because- F**K, I need to express myself, Internets! I need you to know I'm a normal person like you- who says f**k on the Internet and can still be an awesome mom.

If you've made it this far, you must really like my blog. For those of you who read, I thank you because it does mean something to me.

Wouldn't it be great if life really did have an easy button? Like the commercial?

*Awesome Gina-ism

**By the way, I just remembered the name of the professor who I felt crushed my dreams: Treadwell. Kean University. If you're reading this Professor Treadwell, I just want you to know that Dante's Inferno is not the end all be all of literature. And I think your "interpretation" of it sucks! Hah! Take that!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing... Lol.. I waited ALL day for your blog bc I have a really awesome life.

If this is the only shot at life we get... That stinks because I SWEAR my afterlife or next life must be better. This current one is ok but it has some MAJOR flaws in it. I would like another life where certain people are not in it.

So in order to keep my sanity I will continue to believe in God and heaven AND another life.. So there! Lol I feel better now as I head to bed to dream of all my next life has to offer...