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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Think I Might Be a Moron.

Dear Internets,

Uhmmm, I made an error.

Reject Snuggie is not technically an oxymoron. After telling you about my unintentional- yet awesomely fake oxymoron yesterday.. I could not stop thinking about other REAL oxymoron's that I probably make up all the time without the pleasure of realizing it..

I looked online and found a few others that made me laugh..

It's only right that I share them with you.. Because.. Uh- I need a blog post today and it's good to revisit rules of English grammar here and there because.. Uhmm- it's just good.

Go with it.. Ok?

Btw, for all you other morons out there who do not know what an oxymoron is... May I take you back to 6th grade for a moment so you can get your shit right? I will join you.

OXYMORON: A two word phrase in which the words ironically contradict each other.

Now that we have that cleared up.. Here are some I found amusing:

-Political Correctness

-Rap Music

-United Nations

-Bible Studies

-Microsoft Works

-Amicable Divorce

-Utah Jazz

-Organized Religion

-Tax Return

-Asian Italian

- Holy Crap

-English Cuisine

-Affordable Housing

-Church of Scientology

-United Arab Emirates

-Adult Male

-State Worker

-Happy Marriage

-Religious Education


Question: Is "Skinny Jeans" an oxymoron?

I guess that might depend on who is wearing them...

Night all!


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